About Us

Founded in 2020 with the goal of offering clear & tailored sales, purchase and charter services for all sizes of yachts to our esteemed clients.

Our dedication to creating a seamless luxury experience, by offering expert knowledge, as well as our commitment to high-value services has proven to be a successful approach for many years, building strong relationships with business associates and clients worldwide.

Our company’s strategy is that Quality and First Class services come first. Our professionalism has lead us into a position whereby we may offer everything required for an unforgettable yachting experience.
We are eager to hear from you what we need to do materialize to create your ideal yachting experience.

Yacht Management

Forum Yachting provide comprehensive yacht management services for yacht owners, tailored to your specific requirements while focusing on your target values & points. Each individual service within the Yacht Management package are both optional and customizable to suit your needs and priorities. Our yacht management services aim to maximize your yacht’s economic potential while minimizing the risks and liabilities of yacht ownership as well as controlling the cost of operation to within the limits set by the owners.

Yacht Accounting

Budgeting and Cost control form the cornerstone of our Accounting service, allowing a fully transparent view into every expense and cost related to your yacht. We form a trust-bond with the Owner allowing you to feel comfortable and secure that your interests are catered for as if the yacht was our own.

Safety Management

Forum Yachting cooperates with the leaders in the field so as to pass onto the Owner’s the full scope of their Safety Management System customized for each yacht separately. Options are presented and the best suit is selected by the Owner. Management of the Saftey Management company is included in the full Yacht Management package.

Technical Management

This facet of Yacht Management is one that requires attention to detail and also requires strict communication protocols between ourselves and the Owners.
Access to regionally local technicians is part of our assets allowing a quick and efficient positive turnaround to all issues that shall arise during the Management contract.

Insurance Assistance

Part of the well-rounded and complete service package that Forum Yachting provides to our esteemed customers is that of evaluating and selecting the best matching insurance package from the top rated insurance brokers. Initially an understanding of the coverage required is conducted with the owner, and then selection and evaluation of offered coverages is done. A short-list is presented which suit the Owner with the pro’s and con’s of each package. Once selection is made, the follow-through is done by Forum Yachting.

Crew Administration

The selection of crew is a “make or break” factor in the yacht’s overall performance in the eyes of the customers. It is the everyday link with the yacht which cater to all their needs. These persons must be selected following a strict series of criteria meeting both qualitative and quantitative criteria. Each nationality has broad advantages and disadvantages for each position. Our access to multiple crew pools allow us to cater for the Owner’s priorities and also the image that they would like to ensue.


Since your time with us should be as relaxing and enjoyable as can be, we shall cater for all your needs during your time with us. This may include specific dietary needs via your personal chef, various transportation options (limousine, helicopter, private jet, luxurious car rental), personal guide to acquaint you with the local sites of interest and the history of each location, local culinary interests of various cuisines, entertainment reequipments (DJ’s, lighting, clubs, private parties, specific locations available for event.